We wholesale fresh Palisade peaches to restaurants, food trucks, breweries, wineries, bakeries, and small grocery stores. We also wholesale to folks who sell them from roadside stands in far away towns.

We absolutely love to help promote our wholesale partners! Please share photos and descriptions of your peachy food, beer, and wine and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We will make sure our loyal followers know where to find you and your goods.

Customer service is of the highest importance to us. Please contact us with your peach needs, and we will come up with a pickup or delivery plan that works best for you. We’ll make sure they arrive at their freshest and ripest.

Peaches are generally available in August and September. Exact dates are different each year, and depend on the weather, of course. We grow sixteen different peach varieties.

Pricing depends on the harvest forecast and size of our whole projected crop. This is determined after the last frost of the season, which is usually in April or May.